Black_bear_largeThe reason I started writing was to set an example for my daughters. Two years ago, while she was in first grade, my oldest daughter began writing multi-page stories. I believe in parenting by example and so to encourage her I decided to start writing as well.

Evolved began with a kernel of an idea: “What if inorganic chemical elements were opportunities to enhance life?” I really had no idea whether it would last a paragraph, a page, a chapter or more. Well, a year later I had a novel-length manuscript that I’ve been editing and re-writing ever since.

The good news is my oldest continues to love to write and my youngest, who just finished first grade, now does as well. They both use it as a way to process their thoughts and feelings, a wonderful outlet for their active, curious and sometimes confused minds.

With that, I offer my oldest daughter’s latest story about our black lab, Fleuri. The story is set at our cottage, which is five miles out on a lake, surrounded by boreal forest. Fleuri doesn’t really like riding in the boat, so we leave her in the cottage when we go into town. The first time we left her she voiced her concern, which Isabael turned into a story. (We now leave the radio on when we leave, which calms her)



Written by Isabael McKay (Age 8)

I hear the boat rumble from the dock.

My people are leaving me! What a shock.

Why can’t I go to town to shop?

Shop for goods like dog food and treats.

Treats! A rumble and gurgle from down below.

But, the boat is leaving without me!

I howl for help! Yelp Yelp!

“Good bye,” they call, “Be a good girl,” “We’ll be back home soon!”

Why, oh why do they leave me alone!?

Up on the couch to see where they go.

No, no!  They left me her for BEAR BAIT!

No no don’t go away!

Yelp! Yelp!

This couch is quite comfy and fit for me and now I can see!  See out the window!

Out the window I hear a distant growl.

I howl again.  But this time I know they are gone.

Will they every come back?  I don’t think so.

I lay on the couch and make myself small, eventually falling asleep.

The tap of a woodpecker wakes me. I look out the window.

Several boats go by but ignore my worries.

Soon so soon I hear the familiar whooshing of the waves,

the rumble of the motor as it slows.

My people are back from their stroll in town.

Oh look! My food, food and more food!

Glorious, wonderful food!

Terrific, mouth watering food!

And treats! Oh my!

Uh oh! They caught me on the couch!