Copyright Ruth Dick

Copyright Ruth Dick

Each summer the family drives many hours, gets in a boat and motors five miles out on Lake of the Woods in Canada. No road access, outhouse, surrounded by bald eagles, beavers, and black bears. On the first day up here we saw all three! It is the closest place I’ve found to become close with nature (as scary as that sounds at times). Aboriginal sacred ground rests across the channel from our camp, adding a little more mysticism to an already magical place.

Here is where I hope to work on the website (apologies for the many changes), and go through one more round of editing of Evolved. Quieting the mind and opening the soul comes easily up here, which helps one find what is real in the world.

The photo was taken of the lake water by Ruth Dick, a good friend who grew up spending summers in much the same way. The following poem was written by my eight year old daughter after waking up the first morning.

Shhh Shhh, Listen

Shhh shhh, listen listen.

To the birds singing in the early morning light,

Tweet, tweet.

Shhh shhh, listen listen.

To the boat rocking in the waves,

Clonking in the water,

Down, up, down, up, down.

Shhh shhh, listen listen,

The leaves are rustling in the breeze,

Woosh, woosh, woosh.

Written by Isabael McKay who was inspired by opening a window