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Image courtesy of njaj at

Ever start down a path and find yourself emerge somewhere completely different from what you expected? You were lost but did not even know it, happily following the next bread crumb tantalizing you along the path. Unexpectedly you pop out of the wilderness into some Alice in Wonderland situation. Suddenly aware that world has shifted, or have you?

Evolved has been my journey, or maybe merely the critical twist to my life that spun me in a different direction. Honestly, I’m still figuring out what has happened, is happening to me. This website is part of my transformation because I have learned that I process through writing.

So what is this journey about? It started out as a feeling to set an example for my daughters by attempting to write a novel, morphed into curiosity about cosmology and time theory, and eventually led me onto a spiritual path. At its core are the questions: “Who am I?” “Who are you?” But, I didn’t even know I was asking these questions until I found answers.

By starting this website I hope to engage with people contemplating these questions, and more. Wondering at our world and why we exist. Along the way asking questions like, “What is time?”

And yes, there is a science fiction novel I plan to publish in the future. It is nearly finished and now I need to work through publishing options.

So, please join me for this journey. Two is so much better than One.