Please join me on my journey! A journey within the same world built in Evolved.

My journey has already dropped me down a rabbit hole, scrambled me through a nettle of thorny issues, and popped me up in the realm of science fiction, or is it non-fiction? I’m really not sure anymore. Don’t be afraid, I promise it will get weird. (And that’s the science side)

To begin the journey, I plan to publish posts from my next spiritual Science Fiction novel, Pleroma’s Void. By posting the story I hope to guide you into a world where hard science meets spirit, liberal meets conservative (miraculously!), and the smallest meet the universal.

The road has already taken me through some pretty strange Alice in Wonderlands. My mind expanded during pit stops in the lands of neurology, psychology, and the metaphysics of the brain. The “how” of quantum mechanics and cosmology have fed my appetite for mind stirring questions. I’ll admit I became entangled during a stop in quantum physics and lost a year or two while working through the metaphysics of time (something to which I will return periodically). Spirituality continually threw up unexpected detours with unplanned stops at the Chopra Institute in southern California and the Catacombs outside Rome – always asking my youngest daughter’s favorite question: “why?”

My challenge is to move you from your brain to your heart and into your entrails because that is where the magic happens (albeit it is also where shit happens, so I can’t always promise magic). I admit that I get caught up in my own head, pondering SNL’s Jack Handey-like deep thoughts. But, I’ve also found the real juice comes out when I move out of my head and let my heart and gut do the talking. My hope is for my heart to talk directly to yours, bypassing the mess that exists in our heads.

My goal is to offer an engaging story that makes you question your place in this world. Questions like: What is the meaning of life? How was our universe created? Does God exist? What is consciousness? Who am I? Who are you?

Ready? Let’s jump!

Who am I? I’ll offer the ego-driven titles I have wrapped around myself: Harvard graduate, Chartered Financial Analyst, top-ranked financial analyst, swimmer, community-builder, PTO President, and purveyor of Olympic-quality pools (my way of building bonds in a community). Digging a little deeper to understand my relation to the world: husband, father, son, brother, church member, and elected town official. I would like to add a relation to You in this world, so please reach out.

But, who am I underneath all these tags? A lot like you, really the same as you when all the puffery is stripped away. By looking at each other we can learn more about ourselves, including all the ugly truths we try to bury underneath our thin veneer. Underneath it all, we can find the jewel of our existence.

So, join me on this journey! Let’s share a story about the wonders of our world and how we fit into it. Please provide constructive feedback. I learn best by receiving feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Together maybe we can find a deeper truth that will enlighten us.

I am so happy you’re here. I hope you enjoy the ride.