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Matthew McKay is the author of Evolved (November 2016), a transformative work of fiction that blends science and spirituality. A former financial analyst turned proud stay-at-home dad, Matthew is highly involved in his local Wellesley, MA community.  During his years as an analyst, he held positions at prominent investment banks in Boston and San Francisco and garnered top rankings. Among his many volunteer roles, Matthew is former chair of the Sub-Committee for Aquatics, an elected member of the Wellesley Recreation Commission, and the former Sprague school PTO president. He holds a BA in Economics from Harvard University. In his spare time, Matthew can be found swimming, pitching the benefits of Myrtha Pools, or entertaining his two daughters.

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Evolved (November 2016) is a transformative work of fiction blending science and spirituality. Set in a post AI society in which silicon and organic life forms blend almost seamlessly, the government has used science to manage evolution for over a millennia to produce humans capable of overcoming apocalyptic challenges. Amos Hare is the final product of the evolution project and must solve the puzzle of a low entropy singularity in space called Kairos, or pregnant time. Amos must choose between love and societal salvation, silicon and organic life, science and spirituality (abandoned long ago).

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