The King Within


As I dove into “hive minds” it became apparent I needed to work out the psychology a bit. The subconscious became a focal point for research, trying to figure out how the mind operates at different levels. The King Within by Robert Moore, a Jungian psychoanalyst, and Douglas Gillette, a mythologist, offered rich imagery to explore for the book. The framework also began to set up key differences between silicon minds and organic minds. After a few revisions of the manuscript much of the original influence of this book was filtered out, but its influence remains as the portal Amos must pass through to enter the subconscious.

The King Within: Accessing the King in the Male Psyche
Robert Moore
Chicago Theological Seminary dba Exploration Press
March 7, 2007*Version*=1&*entries*=0

In this pioneering contribution to masculine psychology, Robert L. Moore, a Jungian psychoanalyst, and Douglas Gillette, a mythologist, examine the inner King-one of the four archetypes of the male psyche. Asleep-as far as Ego-awareness is concerned-for untold generations, the King at the center of every man's soul is now returning to consciousness. His return is heralded by many men's growing sense of empowered masculine authenticity and by their enlarged capacity to empower others: other men, their friends and co-workers, the women in their lives, and their children. The inner King integrates power and nurturing, firmness and caring, courage and creativity, self-affirmation and self-sacrifice. From his central position between the world of imagination and the world of action, the King within challenges every man to take up his own scepter, to dream dreams, and to make them come true. This new revised and expanded Text Edition of The King Within recounts, as did the first edition, the many gifts the King can bestow on men. It also offers expanded discussion of techniques for accessing and regulating the King's powerful energies. Most importantly, it presents, for the first time, a 47-page description of the 16 configurations in which the four archetypes appear in men's personalities. This additional section includes newly created graphics that illustrate Robert Moore's ground-breaking "Structural Psychoanalysis," a new and vital integration of psychoanalytic and spiritual theories that will help men achieve a full and authentic maturity-so as to steward a new and better world into being.