The Perennial Tradition


Once the breakthrough occurred on the spiritual side, I began looking into religious history, trying to understand how the various religions changed and split over the years. The Perennial Tradition by Norman D. Livergood was quite helpful because he approached it from a consciousness perspective. At some point the idea of “being present” circled back to me. Neurology shows that a conscious decision is typically at least a half second after the unconscious has already decided. In essence, our consciousness is living in the past, a past where only deterministic objects exist. In order to exert free will we first need to become present, that all important moment when the opportunity of the future intersects with the knowledge of the past. Jewish religion translates YHWH, or God, as “I am,” which implies presence both spatially and in time. This was an interesting aspect to work into Evolved.

The Perennial Tradition
Norman Livergood
Dandelion Books, LLC
October, 2003*Version*=1&*entries*=0

The Perennial Tradition has taken many names over the centuries, including Hermeticism, Philosophia, Neo-Plataonism, Illuminism, Alchemy, Cabala, Magic, Gnosticism, Esotericism and Sufism. It is the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism. The Perennial Tradition is another wake-up call. It was written to assist readers to awaken to the Higher Spiritual World."