The Quantum World


It became obvious I needed to understand quantum theory, or at least understand the basics of it. The Quantum World was good introduction that I continue to refer back to in order to understand decoherence and the standard model. There may be better introductions, but most books on quantum theory either assume you are fairly advanced mathematically, or don’t really have much depth to them.

Quantum physics kept coming up from the neurological, cosmological and philosophical perspectives. So finding a book that explained the basics was invaluable.

The Quantum World
Michel Le Bellac
World Scientific Publishing Company
January 12, 2014

Quantum physics has, on the one hand, drastically changed our theoretical description of the physical world and has, on the other hand, revolutionized everyday life, by allowing us to build lasers, atomic clocks used in Gps, and semiconductor-based devices such as laptop computers and smartphones. The object of this book is to give a self-contained introduction to both aspects. It contains a detailed account of the foundational principles: superposition, entanglement, quantum non-locality, decoherence and measurement theory, and of some selected applications: quantum cryptography and quantum computers, cold atoms, light emitting and laser diodes, and atomic clocks. The book is aimed at a general audience and the only prerequisite is a high-school background in mathematics.