philosophy-of-mindHumanity is on the cusp of redefining the meaning of life. We need to understand what that means.

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Engineering, Brain Implants, Mixed Reality, Uploaded Brains, and many other fields of research are about to blow our minds.

Technology is pushing us into a realm of potentially wondrous revolutionary new ways to live. For example, Pokeman Go! has pulled millions of people out into the world chasing animated figures on their phones, opening up the world and while also filtering it at the same time.

Ethical topics abound. Should we be able to live forever?  What would that mean to us, the world, future generations? Would there even be future generations if we decide to continue living forever? Autonomous self-driving cars, how should we program them to react when a choice must be made between saving their occupants and saving another? What if the car is conscious with full legal rights equal to humans? Should it save itself first?

Metaphysical topics like consciousness are increasingly germane to the advancements in the world. Is consciousness simply a derivation of the physical stuff in our heads? Or, is there something non-physical happening as well? With yet-to-be-understood scientific topics like multi-dimensional space-time, dark matter, and quantum physics, can we really rule out an influence from outside our observable reality?

These are some of the questions with which I wrestled while writing Evolved. Technology is cool, but life is precious. Let’s figure out what we mean by that!